Meeting up with Chris and Steve

My old university friends Steve and Chris are down in London this weekend, so I went to join them for a few hours this afternoon. They’re staying at Steve’s brother’s place in New Cross, and are going to see some sort of Japanese wrestling up in Stratford tomorrow. It  was great to see them, meeting up at the Royal Standard before going to New Cross for a barbecue. We spent most of the time talking about film and television, although politics came up once or twice: they’re both as bemused and incredulous as I am about the current state of affairs. They both seem to have taken to fatherhood like ducks to water,  although they  have lost none of their weird, zany senses of humour. I didn’t feel like staying out too late, but part of me thinks I should have stayed longer to make the most of their visit. It was great to spend a few hours with them, and I hope it won’t be too long before we meet  up again.

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