CWFFF 2019 Has begun

The2019 Charlton and Woolwich Free Film  Festival began yesterday and continues to the fourteenth. As I said a few days ago, I’m  a bit low that I didn’t contribute to it this year. They are a wonderful way to get film into the  community, and of showing films’s relationship to culture at  street level. I keep thinking about writing something lengthy  about such festivals  and other forms of filmic love like cinephilia and fandom, but predictably I haven’t got anything onto paper  yet. It seems to me that, in the way they are planned and organised by a local society – from the ground up, so to speak – means they have a unique link with a particular urban community,, and perhaps we can read something about it’s  character in the films it’s  members  chose to screen. I reckon that might be interesting to explore to some depth. What could opting to screen a certain film at a certain time tell us about the attitudes and outlook within a given  community? Could choosing  to screen, say, Wonderwoman (to pick a title from this year’s CWFFF list) imply certain opinions on gender, say? Or is it silly to try to psychoanalyse an entire metropolitan borough? Either way, if you’re in South-East London, please check out some of the screenings.

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