Visiting Kew with John

One of the things I like most about London is the number of ways you can get around. It’s quite a big city, but there is all kinds of public transport you can use to get from place to place. John and I ended up  using three of them yesterday. Lovely, sunny day that it was, we decided a day trip to Kew gardens was in order; but rather than just using the boring old tube to get there, we opted to go by boat up the Thames to Westminster. We could then take the District line down to kew. Although it wasn’t the quickest route, it certainly was pretty: the  city looked stunning in the autumn sunshine yesterday.

We eventually got to Kew at about four, but that still left plenty of time to have a look around before the gardens closed. I’d been there once before on a solo visit last year, but I only got a brief look then. Yesterday John and I started to explore the gardens properly, looking around the famous glasshouses and palaces. I say ‘started to explore’, of course, because the place is so vast that you could never fit it all in  in  one visit. Nonetheless, what we saw was sublime: I especially liked the Japanese pagoda, and the range of plants was truly mindblowing. Kew definitely is one of London’s treasures, and John and I are planning a return visit (perhaps with Lyn) soon.

London’s variety of public transport may be cool, but the range of places you can visit here is even cooler.

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