Seven Worlds, One Planet

After a week of having to use  my Ipad as a Wifi hotspot, I am relieved to say that I am now  back online properly.  The  BT technician came this morning to set broadband up, and I’m now surfing the web as normal. It’s quite a relief: it got so bad yesterday that I couldn’t get online at all in the afternoon, which for me was very,  very frustrating.

Now that I have proper web access, I can catch up with what I’ve missed. I just watched the first episode of Sir  David Attenborough’s new program, Seven Worlds, One Planet, and all I can say   is, ”Wow!” I am, once again, in awe off Sir David and the programs he narrates. The subject was fascinating, the photography stunning. The episode focussed on Antartica  and the various ways animals  survive down there. Even watching it on my computer, the images were riveting and  I couldn’t help  being drawn into the various animals’ stories, such as that of a young bird chick struggling to get back into it’s mother’s nest.

But then, we should expect nothing less from  the programs of Sir David Attenborough. For all our lives, for almost seventy years, he has presented the best shows on television. My generation, and indeed my parent’s generation, grew up with him. I remember watching his  shows as a little boy and teenager living  with my parents and brothers; at uni I remember going to Steve and Chris’s to watch Life Of Mammals; I remember lounging on the sofa at Lyn’s watching some of  his great programs of the last decade; and now, here in my new home, his legacy and legend continues. He has been a  constant source of inspiration and fascination for the whole country, throughout our lives. Very few other public figures, apart, perhaps, for the Queen, can have the same sort of cultural cache. I  find that truly, truly remarkable.

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