Little Brexit

If you ask me, this is exactly the sort of thing we need right now. The Little Britain crew are reuniting to do a  one-off Brexit special,  Little Brexit. That is exactly the sort of cultural response to the current cultural absurdity we need: artists of  all kinds need to use their skill to react to and show discontent at what is going on. In this case, some very skilled comedians are reviving some well established, well known characters in order to mock the current situation. By reusing established characters rather than creating new ones, they can illustrate how they and thus the country has been changed by Brexit. It is only through such cultural  reactions that the stupidity of brexit can be articulated and  stopped, so we need much more things like this. The only thing I would change would be to have it on TV rather than the radio in order to reach a bigger audience, but there is time yet.

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