A haircut back in time

I just had a haircut. To be honest I needed it, as it had been months since my last trim. The weird thing was, though, it was like stepping back in time: dad and I just had another walk down into congleton and we were passing John’s barbers, the same barber shop my brothers and I always went to when we were growing up. Dad suggested going in, and I said yes. It looked different, so I at first assumed it had changed owners, but no: going in, it was just as it always had been. The uncanny thing was, though, I was recognised by the same guy who used to cut my hair. For a moment it was like the last ten years had never happened: Lyn, London, all the incredible things I’ve seen and done over the last decade. I wanted to tell his about my new metropolitan life, but there was no time so I just let it be. But it seemed strange to step back briefly into a life I thought I’d left behind long ago.

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