Can Picard meet Attenborough?

If the Queen can meet James Bond, wouldn’t it be cool if Sir David Attenborough met Jean-Luc Picard. Watching Sir David’s programme on the history of natural history broadcasting last night, it occurred to me that he ought to get his own colossal national tribute. For most people in the uk, he has been part of our media landscape for most of our lives, informing and inspiring us. The 007 franchise got a massive tribute in 2012 when James Bond was shown to escort the queen to the olympics; I now think Sir David Attenborough deserves his own equally awesome tribute, and what better way than to be taken into space and shown the earth from orbit by the captain of the enterprise himself?

Think how phenomenal that would be, and how excited I would get over it. The question is, what form could it take and what could they do together? Could Picard take Attenborough on a tour of the solar system, the great Sir David narrating as they fly past Mars and Venus? More to the point though, how on earth can I make this happen?

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