The Pavement Code

Going up into Eltham earlier I noticed something interesting: there seems to b a lot more traffic on the pavements these days, particularly around here. I don’t mean pavement traffic in the usual sense of anything which might travel along a pavement, walking or not. I mean, there seems to be  a lot  more motorised vehicles using pavements, particularly scooters driven by old fogies.  More to the point, though, we seem to be evolving our own highway code. I noticed this morning  people in scooters (and powerchairs) are starting to behave like cars do on the road: we know when to pass one  another and when to let each other pass; we wave to one another, comrades in the maelstrom. Out in Australia, thirteen years ago now, I remember our coach driver Peter waving at every car going  the other way as we drove along the outback roads. It was a form of comradeship. What  happens here reminds me of that, only instead of a comradeship between Australians driving through a vast desert, it is one  between cripples or old  people inn a vast city.

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