007 delayed by a bug

When I read on Facebook that the release date for the new Bond film was being  postponed due to Coronavirus, I assumed that someone was just having an  annoying laugh. How could a film be affected by a virus.  But I thought I’d check, just in case,  and look, the world has officially gone stark raving crazy. Of  course we must be sensible and take precautions, but isn’t  this overkill? How does preventing people watching this particular film help? I  really think  everyone is overreacting to this bug. I mean, what possible good will delaying the release of this film until October do in helping to contain this virus? Everyone’s knickers seem to be in a twist about it all   of a sudden – even 007’s.

4 thoughts on “007 delayed by a bug

  1. Lots of annual global gatherings have been shelved. Most recently the global mobile phone congress in Barcelona. First time in 30 odd years. You’d have thought they could have had a conference call! Also in the financial markets, the annual gathering in Florida at Boca Raton has been cancelled. First time in 35 years. Also, Italy has just closed all its schools and universities. Nothing like a bit of fear to keep the sheep in line .


  2. There is big money as part of this decision. If a pandemic develops–and experts say it is possible, it is quite possible that events in which groups of people come together in a single room may be banned then the film could lose tens of millions of dollars. The world is interconnected. Even the loss of the Chinese, south Korean and Iranian markets (plus likely Italy) could make a big difference in gross receipts. This is not the flu. The mortality rates are scary. We still do not fully understand all the ways this disease can be transmitted.


    1. I know what you mean: the authorities have to be sensible and contain this virus as much as possible. It just seemed that postponing the release of blockbuster films seems a little extreme, as well as slightly absurd.


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