The next device I need

My ability to type with my extended keyboard, communicate with my iPad and cruise around London in my powerchair is all very well and good, but at this very moment, I’d  trade them all in if someone would invent a device for cleaning spectacles. If you think about it, it shouldn’t be that hard: whenever I try to clean my glasses, they always end up dirtier than when I started, so I just need some  little machine I could put my specs in to get them clean. How hard could designing something like that be?  Sat here, looking through a veil of post-pizza gunk, I’d give good money for such a piece of kit.

2 thoughts on “The next device I need

  1. There are small boxes called ultrasonic cleaners and in a few minutes they might clean your glasses or jewelry or whatever. But I guess it’s too hard to have a look in google. The other thing is that there are a lot of charity organization’s that help creating stuff for disabled peoples and their specific needs. I dont think you really need one if you even didnt search for something or someone that would help.


    1. Of course I could simply have googled it, Mitch, but the truth is, late last night, I was looking for something to blog about, and that was the first issue which came to mind…


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