So what if I have a sneeze?

I currently have a bit of a cough and sneeze.  Unlike what appears  to be half the world, though,  I have not assumed I have Coronavirus. Having a bit of a sneeze at this time of year is nothing out of the usual, and even if I do turn out to have this new virus, I would not automatically assume it was a death sentence. I would do the logical thing, stay calm and heed the appropriate medical advice. What I can’t understand, though, is  how everyone seems to have suddenly lost their  minds over  this bug:  doctors are currently advising that people should be unafraid of contracting it as it would help build up herd immunity; but online I’ve come across people calling that outrageous, and claiming that it means the authorities want to leave people to die.

It really is laughable how worked up people are  becoming over this. According to the advice, most will only be mildly effected, yet everybody seems to suddenly think it is the worst thing since the plague. For my part, I’ll chill out and carry on with life, just as I always have. When you lead a life like mine, you realise that there are far, far worse things than a new bug named after a weak, tasteless larger.

5 thoughts on “So what if I have a sneeze?

  1. You neglect the fact that 6,493 people have died from your ‘cold’. This is serius and potentionaly devastating.. why unibersities have not shut I dont know


  2. So in your opinion I should just chillout and carry on the normal life ? You realise that if let’s say I will not try to be really careful right now i might bring it to the hospital and infect Lyn ? She’s right now at high risk. Are you not worried about your parents or any person that might be in real danger (i mean older peoples in general) ? I am not really worried about myself so much, i just don’t want to spread it on someone. That’s why if i would notice any symptoms i would stay at home. Not because I “lost my mind over this bug” but because i don’t want to be responsible for someone’s death.


    1. To be honest mate, since writing this entry yesterday I have changed my mind somewhat. You’re right, I might be ok but others might not be. I am very, very worried about Lyn, and I better not visit her until she gets home. As you say, this is something everyone needs to be careful about.


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