Is America as awesome as it claims?

America has been on my mind quite a bit recently: as bad as things are here, I’m now starting to thank fuck I don’t live in the states. For starters I cannot respect it as long as Americans call trump their president.  That utter embarrassment to humanity is beyond a joke. Due to that fuckwit, it looks like the pandemic is going to be far worse than it is here or elsewhere. Culturally America may seem amazing, but when you start to look at it, you find it’s actually fucked up. I don’t just say that because of the sort of stuff I wrote about here, but because their infrastructure is falling apart. They resent paying taxes, apparently not realising that, as a result, things like roads and hospitals can’t get built or repaired. The nation which brags about being the greatest on earth is actually falling apart, with a healthcare system which, as far as I can tell, is little more than draconian.

It’s enough to make me feel quite relieved that I don’t actually live there, and I’m beginning to wonder what life would be like for people like me. Would I have done as well there as I did here? Would I have gone to university? Could i live independently there? Lockdown aside, here I am, roaming around London, going where I please; could I have a similar life in, say, New York or Los Angeles? From what I’ve seen recently, for example here, I am beginning to doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Is America as awesome as it claims?

  1. Ah, Amrerica. It is a paradoxical place. Friendly and xenophobic. Unable to erase the stain of slavery. Healthcare is a privilege connected to income and employment. If you have the correct insurance, it is the best in the world. If you don’t, well the outcomes are far below other first world nations. Also it is so large and so diverse that where you live is also important. Unfortunately, the best places are often the most expensive (but not always). You could not live as well in Los Angeles because it lacks first-class mass transit. I don’t know any folks in NYC in wheelchairs so I cannot compare but the subway system is, I believe, less accessible than the Tube. While I have no argument that Trump is a travesty and a nightmare, Boris Johnson’s Tory Britain is not really an improvement. Our Irish PM is now returing to his qualification as an MD to work one day a week in hospital.


  2. Hi mate, thanks for your comment. You’re certainly right about Bojo.

    I wonder, though: do you know what support for disabled people is like in America ? Here, we have the direct payment system, where the county council give people money to pay personal assistants who we can interview and choose ourselves. How does it work In America?


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