Why was this pledge needed?

It’s hard to read this and not feel very, very concerned. Disability rights activists have had  to campaign to overturn a ruling saying many disabled people should not be resuscitated if they contract Coronavirus. Fortunately, with the help of people like Baroness Grey-Thompson, campaigners managed  to secure a commitment from NHS England that everyone will get the treatment they need, irrespective of disability; but what scares me is the fact that such an assurance would be needed in the first place.  It implies ‘we’ are less of a priority, and that our lives aren’t worth saving as much as able bodied peoples. Surely one of the main principles of the NHS is that it  is there for everyone.

One thought on “Why was this pledge needed?

  1. Matt. I think that In this crisis the ‘pc’ filter slips allowing the structural ableism that’s in all our institutions to be shown raw. Just shows us that despite the marketing and facade of respectability, underneath is the
    Same mind set as there was in the
    Past. We must all pledge to call it out for what it is. All the time, every time. Enjoy reading your blog mate. Cheers.


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