Crip Camp

I have just watched a genuinely remarkable, fascinating and important film. I saw a trailer for Crip  Camp on my friend Darryl’s facebook page  a couple of hours ago. Darryl said he thought it should be  required viewing on any disability studies course, so  I thought I’d check it out. I  now wholeheartedly agree with him: the film charts the history of the Disability Rights movement in America, tracing it back to a small summer camp for disabled people. It tells of the struggles they had to go through as the camp group go on to campaign for  disabled peoples’  rights, at one point  needing to barricade theirselves  in a government office for two weeks. More than that, though, the film is the best, most accurate depiction of life for disabled people I think I’ve ever seen; the people in it remind  me so much of people I know personally. More than disability studies courses, this film should be required viewing for everyone. It can be watched on Netflix here.

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