I can never thank Lyn enough

It is true that we had been growing apart for a couple of years and differences in our personalities were becoming increasingly obvious. I was becoming too reliant on Lyn, using her too much as a mother figure; the difference in our ages was also becoming increasingly apparent. She had the wisdom to see that, after nine years of living with her, it was time for me to become independent. I think she realised that we both needed our own space. I’ll forever be grateful for her kindness and patience, helping me get my own home and waiting for me to move out. Truth be told, I didn’t think I could do it, but Lyn encouraged me: she knew it was time for me to take the next step. And now here I am, in my own place, which I would never have got had it not been for Lyn knowing the right strings to pull. Yet I’ll forever regret the fact that I’ll now never have a chance to repay her, or even to invite her here, give her a coffee, and show her what she did for me.

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