We’ll Meet Again – in Chester

Late last night, just before going to bed, I came across something on Charlotte’s facebook page which I found utterly remarkable. It was a short video of a group of people singing a medley of 1940s songs, probably to commemorate VE day this week. What made my jaw drop, though, wasn’t the quality of the singing – though it was high – but where it was filmed and who performed in it. It  seems that a community of people living on the same street up in Chester had all got together and decided to dress up and perform, using the street as the set. I find that incredible, as it obviously implies a  level of community cooperation which is  unheard of these days. While I know a few of my neighbours and am on the local community Facebook group, the idea  of approaching any of them and suggesting we  do such a project frankly seems absurd. It’s good to see such community spirit still exists somewhere, though, and I now can’t wait to see what they do next.

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