Of Fried Rice and Community

A couple of days ago, in the late afternoon or early evening, sitting home alone I suddenly heard my doorbell ring. I pressed the switch and opened my door: one of my neighbours, who I hadn’t met before, had brought round a tub of fried rice. I hadn’t asked for it, but they were offering it in case I  wanted it. I thanked the elderly gentleman, and of course accepted it.

It was a  very kind gesture, totally out of the blue. The problem was, I wasn’t sure where they lived. Fortunately, my local community has a Facebook group I’m on, so I popped a question on there to find out where they were. I  duly got my answer, so this morning I went and introduced myself, their tub now cleaned and filled with Quality Street. It was the least I could do in return for an act  of such kindness. It really is great to know that I have found myself in a community of such  warm, caring neighbours.

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