A Microbrewery around the Corner?

I now  live in a flat on an estate built in the  last couple of years: twenty or so flats built along two short, new streets, on two floors. It’s  a nice little area, with a community feel to it. At the end of one of the rows, though, is a space which obviously isn’t intended to be lived in but for commercial uses. It has been boarded up since I moved here, with a big ‘to let’ sign. I assumed that it would eventually  become a small corner shop or pharmacy.

However, a couple of days ago I saw something interesting on the community Facebook page: the space  is going to become a small bar and microbrewery. Now, reading that I didn’t know what to think. Part of me likes the idea of having nearby to go whenever I  feel like a drink. It’s just around  the corner, so getting there and back in my chair couldn’t be much easier. On the other hand, I kind of worry about what  it might do to the area, and who it might attract.

After seeing the first report I didn’t worry about it much though – it could have just been  a  rumour. However, I just came across this. It looks like it’ll be a trendy little place, hopefully selling some nice, tasty beers. Believe me, this is a development I’ll be keeping a very close eye on.

One thought on “A Microbrewery around the Corner?

  1. I think the worst-case scenario is an influx of Hipsters. I look forward to checking it out when i’m down.


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