Media representation as indicator of equality

Yesterday evening on tv I heard someone say that one of the ways to tell how much work has yet to be done in terms of achieving racial equality is by noting the lack of black people we see on tv, in films, and  in positions of social authority. That’s undoubtably true, but I couldn’t help thinking that you see far fewer people with disabilities in such places. While the majority of the cast of any given film is likely to be  white, it is still far rarer  to see a disabled person on our screens. When did you last see a wheelchair user or someone using a communication aid on the telly? The Black Lives Matter  seems to now  be gathering real pace, and hopefully will achieve real change; yet we shouldn’t  forget that there are other  social groups, sidelined to an even greater extent, who can make a contribution to society and whose lives matter just as much.

4 thoughts on “Media representation as indicator of equality

  1. Jesus dude! as someone who runs unspoken a company fighting for better representation for disabled people thanks for be little ing our work and making disabled people seem selfish and immature. A BLACK MAN GOT KILLED BY THE POLICE !


    1. Of course, I’m not trying to liken black people’s experiences to those of people with disabilities. In many ways they are completely different. I just think both groups could benefit from more media representation. (Hopefully your Unspoken project will help with that)


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