Regeneration questions

As I’ve said on here before, I like to go out for a stroll in my powerchair at least once a day. I love to explore the city, and recently my walks have been growing longer and longer. The other day I made it all the way to Lewisham before getting the bus home.  What I’ve been noticing while out on my strolls is the amount of building work  currently going on in London: there are cranes and scaffolding everywhere. Plush new buildings  are being constructed in areas like Woolwich, which not long  ago was pretty run-down and neglected, so  this part of South London has started to feel  decidedly  more  cosmopolitan and plush. I wonder,  though, what’s the situation like outside the metropolis?  So much money is obviously going into London, but are other parts of the uk being similarly regenerated, or are they being left behind?

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