Writing about someone I don’t want to name

How do you write about someone without actually naming them? There is someone in the public sphere who thinks they’re a politician, although they were never elected to  the UK parliament. Most think they are a right wing nut-job; I personally think they should be in jail. They were the primary driving  force behind the  2016  referendum. The thing is, since then, this person’s popularity has waned and they aren’t getting as much media  attention as they once did, so they have taken to spewing outrageous, unfounded nonsense about immigrants on Twitter in the hope of regaining the public eye. They seem desperate to get into the papers and on TV again.

The problem is, how do people like me comment on this without actually naming this scumbag? If we use their name, we are just playing their game and giving them the attention they crave: by writing about them, they automatically become more than the complete nothings  they deserve to be seen as. Yet it is impossible to note that fact without writing  about them using their name. So  we’re kind of trapped in a weird, R.  D. Laing-esque situation, trying to write about something we don’t want to write   about.

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