A horrible night’s sleep

I’m not really going to say much about this because it’s quite miserable, but last  night I had the crappest night’s sleep ever. I barely got a wink. I went to bed about ten thirty, needing a pee, but after that my body simply wouldn’t  stay still – I just couldn’t relax. The way I kept moving  caused me to panic, just making matters worse. That lead to hours of tossing and turning, getting up to use my computer  and going back to bed. It was horrible. In the end I asked Serkan to call 111, mostly out of desperation, but that did n’t help much. In the end I got a couple of hours at about four, before the doctor from 111 arrived and woke us both up again. Needless to say I’m currently knackered, and really worried the same thing will happen tonight. I’m curious, though: has anyone else with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy had this problem?

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