The Tories are feeling got at

Apparently, the right-wingers are now complaining that BBC comedy has got too much of a left wing bias. Too many jokes are  being told about things like Brexit and recent government cock-ups. ”Tim Davie, the new director-general of the BBC, is reportedly planning to tackle perceived “left-wing bias” in the corporation’s comedy sector. Mr Davie’s first speech in his new position on Thursday will reveal plans to restore “trust and confidence” in the BBC, according to The Daily Telegraph. There could be an expectation of BBC programme-makers to find a more “balanced” list of satirical targets for comedians, as opposed to jokes that consistently take aim at the Conservatives.”

Is it me, or does that sound like they’re feeling awkward about having the piss taken out of them:  The Tories know everything’s  going catastrophically wrong, and they know it’s their own fault;  but like a toff  who has just poured white paint all over his best suit in front of a packed pub, desperate to salvage a bit of self respect, all they can do is shout ”Stop laughing!” The fact that they’re clearly feeling so got at is simply  a sign of just how badly things are going.

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