Coup 53

I just came across this Guardian review of a new TV film called Coup 53 and think it might well be worth checking out. ”Made over 10 years by Walter Murch, the celebrated editor of Apocalypse Now and The English Patient, in collaboration with the Anglo-Iranian director Taghi Amirani, it tells the story of covert British intervention in Iran after the second world war and stars Ralph Fiennes, … as an MI6 spy in a reconstruction of a key incident. The film’s fresh perspective prompted widespread positive reaction among foreign affairs journalists, including Channel 4’s news anchor Jon Snow, who called it “utterly brilliant”. Gripping stuff indeed, promising to give us quite an insight into British imperialism in it’s death throes; although what caught my attention most was the casting of Ralph Fiennes. Now he’s playing M in the Bond franchise, is he becoming associated with spy films? I may have to wait, however, as the film’s release has apparently been blocked by some top British documentary makers, who ‘allege the film undermines their reputations by suggesting they kept government secrets when they first told the story on television in 1985 in the landmark Channel 4 series End of Empire”.

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