The Two Things On My Mind

To be honest it’s one of those days when there is something I know I ought to write about on here, but there are other, bigger issues on my mind. The first two Crip Tales were on BBC Four last night, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen disability explored more frankly, brutally or honestly. One by Matt Frasier and one by Liz Carr, these Alan Bennett-esque monologues really seemed to allow the speakers to open up about what to most viewers would be a mysterious, perhaps even scary existence. I enjoyed Carr’s especially, as it confronted the myth that we crips are all playing the benefit system. It has Carr speaking about meeting a man who tries to cheat in his disability benefit assessment, telling us how appalled she is by his attitude. By doing so, she lets the audience know that we crips are just as appalled by benefit cheats as they might be, if not more so since it gives all of us who need benefits to live a bad name.

Today though, such matters feel less important than usual. I’m more concerned by what is happening in America. Of course, I hope to fuck Biden wins and things can at last return to some semblance of normality there. The problem is, if he does, how will Trump and his moronic supporters react? Could things become violent? Many are now earnestly predicting something tantamount to a civil war, or at least months of turmoil. I dread to think what we’ll find the breakfast news bulletins reporting tomorrow. The Crip Tales are certainly worth checking out, but today they just serve to take our minds off the impending storm in the States.

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