Ignore emails from Trump

If Donald Trump is as fabulously wealthy as he claims, why is he apparently sending desperate emails to his supporters, begging them for donations? Surely any billionaire could pay for the ridiculous trials Trump is demanding out of their own extensive funds….Unless, of course, little Donnie isn’t the ultra successful tycoon he claims to be, but is in fact a pathetic little con man who relies on others to bail him out when he fucks up, and who is now sending weaselly emails to anyone he can in a perverse attempt to cling on to power. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so warped.

One thought on “Ignore emails from Trump

  1. The rich can be quite cheap. They always try to spend money on someone else’s dime. Donny sees the end of the government gravy train and he wants to get as much as he can to launch his new media network.


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