Perfectly good name for a village.

Forgive my temporary regression to adolescence, but I can’t help laughing my head off at this story about a village in Austria which has had to change it’s name. “Residents of an Austrian village will ring in the new year under a new name – Fugging – after ridicule of their signposts, especially on social media, became too much to bear. They finally grew weary of Fucking, its current name, which some experts say dates back to the 11th century.” While you have to feel sorry for the residents of the village having the piss taken out of the place where they live because of it’s name, and also note that this is an obvious case of linguistic imperialism on the part of English speakers given that the name is not a swear word in German, you must say that is pretty hilarious. They grew so tired of tourists stopping to take pictures of the sign posts bearing the village’s name that they decided to change it. I wonder whether this has ever happened anywhere else.

(I hope nobody tells them about the Private Eye or Mohammed Al Fayed)

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