Not even a pandemic can hold Attenborough back!

It’s really awesome to know that, even in such mucked up, chaotic times, there are still some constants we can rely upon. Not even a global pandemic, it seems, can hold back the greatest ever broadcaster. Sir David Attenborough will soon be appearing on our TV screens once again with a new series, Perfect Planet, focussing on humanity’s impact on the natural world. Filmed largely using drones, the series promises to transport us all to far flung corners of the globe, but also to give us an idea of the effect we’re all having upon it. To be honest I think it’s a little of what we could do with right now: after a year mostly stuck at home, I reckon we all need a glimpse of the exotic. Attenborough’s programs afford us an insight into life on earth we get from no other broadcaster. Yet what I find most staggering is that Sir David has been supplying us all with such fascinating glimpses for almost seventy years – since before my parents were born – and still shows no sign of stopping.

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