Lunch with Poppy

I just had a pretty pleasant afternoon. After bumping into Charlotte’s sister Poppy in February, we didn’t manage to meet up again, perhaps for obvious reasons. A couple of days ago though, I received a message from her suggesting we meet sometime this week. Of course I gratefully agreed, so this afternoon we had lunch together by the Cutty Sark at Greenwich. It felt good to see her and to just be doing something social again. Pops is doing well, working at an infant school in Eltham. Like me she loves life in the city, but can’t wait for thing to return to normal. Sat by the river, we talked about this and that over a beer and a sandwich. We began to make a few sketchy plans before the tIme came to part; yet sat there, a few glimmers of blue sky breaking through the clouds, it just felt good to meet someone I knew from before the world went haywire.

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