Brexit must not, can not, be allowed to stand.

Open any history book and you will probably find it full of narratives about one group of people fighting another: of disputes between countries or cultures so profound that they go to war with one another. Wars in which thousands if not millions of people died. I have believed for a long time that the only way to avoid such conflicts is for humanity to come together and work as one. We need to stop seeing ourselves as members of different groups and see ourselves as human: hugely, fantastically varied, but all equal. That is the only way to end the tribalist, nationalist disputes of the past. The European Union is a body which worked towards that goal: an organisation which spanned a continent, bringing people together, guaranteeing them their rights, and making sure the conflicts of the past were not repeated.

For the United Kingdom to have left that body is nothing but an act of historic vandalism. Brexit is nothing but a crime perpetrated by liars and charlatans, voted for and backed by nationalist halfwits too stupid to see the big picture. It was always about stripping us of our human and consumer rights, safeguarded by the EU, so we can be exploited by capitalists more easily. Things will now get far harder and nastier. Brexit turns the UK into an inward-looking, nationalistic irrelevance refusing to cooperate with it’s neighbours, like a spoiled brat in a playground refusing to play with the other, more mature, children.

I find the fact I am now forced to live in such a society sickening. I want to live in an open, tolerant, multicultural world, working together with our neighbours, but that dream has been stolen from me by bigots too stupid to see past petty national divisions. To them, the human rights the EU safeguarded got in their way; they can now be done away with, opening the door to the cruelty and persecution of the most sickening form of capitalism. That such selfish, arrogant embarrassments to human civilisation now have their way makes my blood boil with rage. The stupidity that is Brexit must not, can not, be allowed to stand.

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