A Possible Return Theme

I just came across this rather sad news that ”Irish Eurovision singer and frontman of the rock band Bagatelle, Liam Reilly, has died aged 65” and was pondering making some sort of crude joke about elves being mortal after all – an obscure reference to a pronouncement my dad made one Eurovision night over twenty years ago, having had one too many rums. However, I decided to look up Reilly’s entry into the contest, and what I found was oddly pertinent: Somewhere in Europe is a rousing anthem of European unity. Containing the lyrics:

It’s been a long time since we were together
I’m back in Ireland and I miss you more than ever
In early spring we parted and I’ve been here since then
But if I could only see you once again

It’s obviously about Ireland, but I daresay it could easily be adapted into a theme for the UK Remain/Return movement. With lines like ”Meet me in Paris on a Champs Élysées night / We could be in Rome again, ‘neath the Trevi fountain light” it would remind us us of the glories of Europe, and what we have so foolishly lost.

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