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I just came across this article about a film called Music by someone called Sia. I’ve not watched or heard either, but the film apparently has a character with Autism who is the sister of the main character. The author of the article complains that an autistic actor was not cast to portray her. As I’ve touched upon on here before at some length, that is an argument those of us with physical disabilities have been making for years, and it gets on my nerves how such so-called self-defining autistics seem to be using it as their own more and more, yet without any recognition of what went before. It feels like it has somehow now become fashionable to have some kind of disability or impairment and to take up the language of advocacy. I find seeing what can be a very profound disability being treated so flippantly deeply troubling and even insulting. The problem is, if this trend continues, voices like mine risk being drowned out as a result.

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