Could Connery have played Kincaid?

Sometimes all you can do is wonder what might have been, but this could have been pretty awesome if they had pulled it off. According to Screenrant, Sam Mendes initially considered Sean Connery for the role of Kincaid in Skyfall. Of course, as the article points out, that idea was not unproblematic: casting Connery in the role may well have been too much of a distraction from the main plot of the film; audiences would have been too fixated on the return of the first James Bond actor to notice what was happening to the latest. Yet, I have to say I can’t help thinking it might have kicked arse: the elderly Connery would have been perfect for the role, and his return to the franchise may have been one of those delicious little throwbacks or extra-textual references I and others get so excited about. It would have been like 007 was returning to his roots just as he was returning to his family home. That could have added an extra dynamic to the film which may well have made it even greater than it was. In the end, I suppose the fact that they cast Albert Finney in the role was for the best – he did an excellent job, after all – but I still can’t help wondering what might have been.

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