Are Other Cities Receiving The Attention London Is?

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this, but my daily trundles are gradually growing longer and longer. Yesterday, for instance, I made it across the city to Wembley. It was quite a long trip on public transport, but there was something in that area I needed to check (family business). Everywhere I go, though, it seems something is being built. Vast swathes of London are being regenerated; I was only there briefly, but Wembley is starting to look like Stratford, with sleek, modern shopping arcades and housing blocks replacing what was until recently a fairly run-down area. The case is the same all over the city: huge amounts of money are obviously being pumped into London. Woolwich, for example, now looks completely different to how it did twenty years ago, with it’s bright, open public square, complete with large-screen TV for special events.

It makes me wonder, though: what about other parts of the country? Are other cities in the UK receiving the same attention as London? Are, say, Glasgow, Birmingham or Stoke seeing the same kind of redevelopment? Or is London being singled out as the capital for preferential treatment, supposedly representing the country on the world stage, to the detriment of other areas? I’ve been in London so long I couldn’t say, but if this is the case, I daresay it would give rise to the burning resentment we now often see pointed towards the capital from elsewhere in the country.

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