The Biggest Waste of Public Money Ever

If anyone is in any doubt that the Tories are nothing but a bunch of incompetent money-wasting morons, you now only need to point out the alarming fact that they have now wasted £37bn on a test and trace system which was totally useless. Frankly, I find that staggering, particularly when you remember that the London 2012 Olympics only cost about £9bn. The Olympics, of course, were a mega-event: entire stadiums had to be constructed; London got a completely new park, which you can still walk around; four awesome ceremonies were organised and performed; and so on. How, then, could more than triple the cost of the games have been spent on a test and trace scheme which almost nobody used, did not work and was obviously useless in preventing the UK from having one of the highest mortality rates on Earth? At the end of the day it was just an app: no expensive buildings needed to be constructed, no events needed to be organised. More to the point, how the hell can nobody have resigned or got the sack over this jaw-dropping waste of money? When you think of all the ways that that obscene sum could have been put to better use, I think we should all be very angry with the entitled scumbags now running the country.

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