Two things which interest me

There are two very interesting things I’d like to flag up today, even if there isn’t that much I can say about either. Firstly, if you want to see what a low-budget, Soviet Russian adaptation of The Lord of the Rings looks like, go here. According to this Guardian article I came across yesterday, they were rediscovered after thirty years and uploaded to Youtube by Russian Tolkien fans. I haven’t watched the film so I can’t comment on it (not being able to speak russian) but needless to say, it looks very, very different to Peter Jackson’s adaptations. Mind you, it’s worth pointing out that it is probably thanks to the popularity of Jackson’s film(s) that the russian one was rediscovered.

The second thing which I want to direct you to today is this awesome looking trailer for the second season of Star Trek Picard. It’s only a short trailer, so again I can’t say much, but all the same it has my juices going. It looks splendid: we get a glimpse of Chatau Picard, and from the look of it, the great John De Lancie is reprising his role as Q. It’s definitely something to look forward to, although a cynic might point out that Q always was a fan favourite, so his reappearance is bound to increase viewing figures. Nonetheless Season 2 of Picard is definitely something I’m looking forward to.

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