Lyn’s Golden Heart

You may have heard about the Covid Memorial Wall up in London, across the Thames from Westminster. People are going and drawing hearts, usually in red, on a large concrete wall on the south bank of the Thames, and adding the name of someone they have lost during the pandemic. A couple of days ago, Serkan suggested we go up and add Lyn to it. I thought that was an incredible idea, (although what L herself would have said about it is another matter). Yesterday afternoon, then, we went up, catching the Jubilee Line to Westminster and then walking across the bridge. I now know the intricacies of the London Transport Network quite well; yet I can never forget that that is due to the fact I met Lyn. She introduced me to this great metropolis – she made me a Londoner.

On the way there, Serkan bought a marker. It was supposed to be red, but he could only find gold. As Serkan was drawing the heart, though, that struck me as very apt: Lyn’s heart was unique and stood out, just as Lyn was, and did. Looking at Lyn’s golden heart on the wall, I missed her. It is now almost a year since she passed away, but I still feel the absence of this wonderful, incredible person acutely. I suppose adding Lyn’s heart to that wall was a way to express that.

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