Watching things get built

I have always liked to watch people doing things. When I was small, I could spend hours watching my dad garden or my mum cook. Watching people build things held a special attraction for me, although I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was the spectacle of someone doing something I physically couldn’t. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed something being done on a small area of greenery not far from my house: they seemed to be gearing up to build something there, but it wasn’t clear what. The space isn’t very large, so they can’t be constructing anything major; but every time I go past there I look to see what they could be making. I can’t seem to stop myself. Today, though, I took the time to go and have a proper look. There were four or five men at work there. The odd thing was, they didn’t seem to be doing that much: they had concreted a line of several tall iron posts into the ground, and the men, all with Liverpudlian accents, were checking to see whether they were upright. What that will eventually become is anybody’s guess, but in the mean time at least I have something to go and watch.

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