Shouldering the brunt of Tory Heartlessness

I wouldn’t be much of a disability-related blogger if I didn’t flag up this extremely worrying Guardian article. Disabled people across the country are facing huge increases in care costs. “Adults with a disability or mental illness are receiving extra care bills running into thousands of pounds that they say could force them to cut back on food and heating and threaten their social independence.

Amid a care funding crisis, some English councils are quietly increasing charges to people with learning disabilities and mental illness, in effect clawing back welfare payments and leaving some working-age adults with little more than £3 a day to spend.” In other words, “we” are shouldering the brunt of the Tories’ tax cuts for their rich friends, as well as the obvious drop in business due to Brexit. Presumably, the bastards in government opted to place the burden on disabled people because we are least able to fight back or complain, or so they assume. Tell me, how is that fair, and why do we have to put up with such sheer heartlessness from the utter disgraces to human civilisation currently governing the country?

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