David Attenborough’s funeral should be just as big as Phillip’s

I didn’t watch Prince Phillip’s funeral yesterday, preferring to get out and about and enjoy a lovely spring day. There’s not much I can say about it. Having caught a glimpse of all the pomp and ceremony on this morning’s news though, I think I’ll just say this: Given Phill’s send-off was so lavish, I think Sir David Attenborough should get the same treatment. Hopefully Sir David will be with us for a few years yet, but as the greatest broadcaster ever, who over seventy years on tv has had an enormous effect on our collective knowledge of the natural world, surely he deserves nothing less than a state funeral. He is just as much a part of the country’s cultural make up as any prince; I still think he should have played a role in the London Olympic ceremonies. A state funeral – albeit a carbon neutral one – would be a good way for the UK to thank this great, great man for the effect he has had on our collective knowledge and appreciation of the natural world.

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