The First Sign of Summer

Shortly after posting my entry earlier I trundled out on my daily stroll. It was a lovely day and I was eager to enjoy thee weather. Today I thought I would head down to Woolwich, just to check out what, if anything, was happening down there. As I was passing the old military academy though, I caught sight of something I didn’t expect to see this early in the year: on the same pitch where I watched my friends the Blackheath Mighty Eights last summer, there was a cricket match being played. It instantly struck me as a glorious sight, and I decided to go in and watch; I wasn’t expecting to see it’s like for at least a couple of months. I didn’t recognise either team, and I only stayed for a couple of overs or so before resuming my walk; but nonetheless it is surely a great sign that summer is just around the corner.

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