The coolest toy ever

I’m not going to suddenly claim to be a Transformers fan: I was never into them as a child, and the recent films don’t interest me now. I vaguely remember my brother Mark having a few of the toys though, one of which was Optimus prime: it was fairly unsophisticated, but even so the Ginger One never let me play with it. I had forgotten about it, but was reminded of it when I came across this video. A new Optimus Prime toy has been created, and it is so incredible that I had no choice but to flag it up here. To call it a toy doesn’t really do it justice: watch the video and you’ll see a highly sophisticated piece of engineering and computing. Essentially, it’s designers have taken a children’s cartoon character from the eighties and rendered it as a completely functional, seventeen inch high model, controllable by both speech and app. The result, I think you’ll agree, must surely be the most awesome toy ever (although the price tag is slightly less awesome).

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