Exploring Richmond Park

Yesterday was a lovely day for me, but rather long and tiring. A couple of days ago, my old PA and friend Dominik suggested meeting him and going out to explore Richmond Park. I had never visited that area of London before, so of course I said yes. We met up at Waterloo, then got the overground to the south-west of the city. Getting there, the first thing that struck me was how different it felt from the rest of London: Richmond seems like a small, well-maintained town; there, the Thames is much thinner and prettier, so it looks completely different to the one I know here in the east. We walked along it’s banks, past pretty little shops, pubs and cafes, until we reached Richmond Park. I think that was what Dom wanted to show me: it is massive – the biggest park I have ever seen, and surely the biggest within the M25. It is also, of course, stunningly beautiful; we walked around it for most of the afternoon, admiring the well-kept trees and deer. Most of the paths were well-maintained, although I did have a bit of fun in my powerchair following some of the routes Dom lead me down.

The park is so big that it took us several hours to walk around, and by about five I think we were both getting tired and hungry. Eventually finding our way back to Richmond Town Centre, we bought a sandwich to eat on a bench before making our way to the train station. It had been a lovely day. This metropolis never ceases to amaze me: no matter how long you live in London, there will always be a new part of it to explore. Yesterday I discovered another of its wonders: a gigantic, four-century old park I had known nothing about, only about an hour away by train. I was stunned by it’s beauty, serenity and size. It makes me wonder what other surprises London – and indeed the world beyond – could still have in store.

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