Reconsidering the overground

After over eleven years of living in London, I feel I can use the tube pretty confidently: With the underground, it’s simply a case of checking which stations are accessible and taking things from there. Although, as explained here, nowhere near enough stations have wheelchair access, I find the tube network pretty easy to use unaided. However, the overground rail system is another matter. I have never got my head round London’s overground rail network. For starters, you need to ask for help with ramps when you’re getting both on and off the train, which means knowing precisely where you’re going. Another problem is the overground rail network seems far more complicated than the tube. However, Tuesday’s trip down to Richmond has made me think again: the journeys there and back were comfortable and quick, and organising ramps wasn’t that difficult. Like the tube and the bus, it was also free. With several train stations nearby, it might be time for me to start using the overground a bit more, mostly as an alternative means of getting about the city, but also to see whether I can.

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