AAC And Accents

I’m not sure how it crept under my radar, but I just came across this absolutely awesome BBC article. A man from Yorkshire who has CP launched a campaign to get his communication aid adapted to have a Yorkshire accent. Fed up of having an American accent, Richie Cottingham, from Howden, East Yorkshire, asked local people to come forward and record their voices, so that he could have an accent which suited his personality more. It’s an issue I’ve always had: if you think about it, a guy born and brought up in Cheshire having a generic American accent is rather out of place, but I have always just put up with it. Cottingham obviously feels a stronger link with where he is from. Now I know it is possible though, maybe this is something I could look into too. How awesome would it be if I could at last greet people with the words ”Ayup duck!” with the correct accent?

One thought on “AAC And Accents

  1. But there is no need to have an American accent…there has been a range (allbeit not a lot of regions) of British accents for years now! Look at Cereproc and others…


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