The Turn of the Tide?

The obvious thing for me to post on here today are my congratulations to the Liberal Democrats for winning the true blue seat of Chesham and Amersham. As is being widely reported elsewhere, “The Liberal Democrats have pulled off a stunning by-election victory, overturning a 16,000 majority in a seat that has always voted Conservative.” I think this is really encouraging news. Perhaps the tide is, at last, turning against the Tories; perhaps the country is finally waking up to what an absolute mess the Tories are making of it. After all, despite being a previously solid Tory seat, Chesham and Amersham is a degree-rich, Remain-voting constituency. Of course there’s only so much you can read into a local election result like this, but I really hope it suggests the very worrying slide to the right which has been happening in the UK over the last five or six years may be coming to an end. Of course, that may just apply to relatively well educated, affluent, urbane areas of the country; there are probably many others still taken in by the shallow, vapid falsehoods of the nationalist right.

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