Open-Faced Arrogance

Today will always be remembered as the day that wearing a mask became an overtly political statement. Before today, of course, masks were mandatory in all enclosed public spaces: if you saw someone not wearing one in, say, a shop, it was reasonable to assume they had a reason not to, visible or invisible. Yet today mask wearing has ceased to be the rule and has become a personal choice; while they are still recommended, people can chose not to wear them if they don’t want to. In doing so, they are making an overt political statement that they don’t care about those around them; that they put their own petty comfort before the wellbeing of others. That is a statement I find as selfish, arrogant as contemptible as voting Leave in 2016: both boil down to the same egocentric, right-wing mindset, but here people’s positions on the issue are more obvious and the danger more immediate. While much of the blame must go to the tories for lifting the rules far too early when they know full well what would happen, I can’t help feeling utterly enraged by the bare-faced scumbags, now walking around shops, openly and loudly stating that they don’t give a damn about anyone else. In a way society in England has now been split in two: those who wear masks who care about those around them; and those who don’t, who ignore the advice and therefore treat others with contempt.

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