Something is seriously wrong here

When humanity has reached the point at which two men have become so obscenely rich that they can build their own rockets and launch their selves into space, while millions of other people around the world are dying of starvation, desperately in need of medical aid or otherwise struggling to live, surely it is obvious that something is seriously wrong. While I’m all for the exploration of space and scientific research in general, for men like Branson and Bezos to spend billions on what amount to publicity stunts when that money could have been spent helping us get past the pandemic, really takes the biscuit. Surely it tells us something is wrong with the worldwide distribution of wealth, and that perhaps it’s time to reevaluate capitalism in general. Otherwise this problem will get worse and worse, the divisions wider and wider. The billionaires’ stunts will get more and more expensive, while more and more people are left to starve to death.

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