The Tories really are Pushing It

I’ve written on here many times about the profound effect university had on me. At uni, I was able to gain the confidence, both academically and personally, to eventually move down to Live in London with Lyn and then live here on my own. As with so many people, uni made me who I am. Of course, I needed a lot of support to go to uni, support which basically stemmed from Tony Blair’s push in the mid noughties to get half of young people to go to university. A lot of resources went into that push; resources which are now drying up very quickly under the Tories. I wrote a few months ago about how I doubt I could have gone to university these days.

I read earlier that Tory MP Andrew Bridgen is now claiming that the push for so many people to go to university fifteen years or so ago has caused the HGV Driver shortage we are now seeing. He claims that, now so many people have degrees, there aren’t enough people left to drive lorries. I have never heard anything more sickeningly stupid in my life. Of course, everyone knows that the real reason for the shortage is partly the pandemic, but mostly Brexit. Yet it’s obvious that Bridgen is making these obnoxious claims in order to justify Tory cuts to higher education: they have always hated the idea of so many people going to university, preferring for it to be the reserve of rich people, like them. That way, poor people can be kept ignorant and in their place, and their authority would be left unchallenged.

The fact that Bridgen is trying to blame the shortages we are now seeing on something Labour instigated twenty years ago, at the same time as trying to justify depriving so many people of the access to higher education they otherwise might have had, tells us all we need to know about the bunch of lying toffs now running the country.

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