My Average Blog Wordcount

Today I decided to carry out a bit of an experiment which I had been mulling over for a few days: given that I have now been blogging for so long, could I find out my average wordcount per entry? If I took a set of entries made on a given date, would it tell me roughly how much I write on average per entry? I know my blog entries aren’t that long, but I take pride in the fact that I’ve now kept my blog updated so regularly for almost two decades.

With that in mind then, I took today’s date (as good as any) and copied all the entries I had made on that date between 2010 and 2020 into a Word document. I then did a wordcount and divided it by ten. There were only nine entries, though, as I didn’t post an entry on 3 august 2012. Also, the entry for 2020 was a picture, with only a few words. Nonetheless, I got a grand total of 1666 words, giving an average per entry of 166.6. I’m quite pleased with that: although my entries are often fairly brief, I always try to write more than a hundred words, just to keep things moderately healthy. Now I have confirmed that I do, I think I can go on taking pride in my blog. After all, there can’t be many other personal blogs which are long enough lived that you can conduct such experiments on.

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